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Sebastien Charles

Sebastien Charles With 25 years of varied business experience. At the age of 16, he started university where he obtained a B. Comm with a specialization in management information systems all while running his own successful computer reselling and consulting company. Upon graduation, Sebastien worked for the federal government and later returned to the private sector where he was in charge of infrastructure for one of Canada’s largest discount retailers. Sebastien’s business interest was so keen, that he returned to University and obtained an MBA along with an accounting designation – Certified Management Accountant.

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Michel Lalonde

J. E. Michel Lalonde With 45 years of experience in banking, leasing, insolvency, business & management consulting and M & A. Michel is passionate about helping business owners to succeed and wants to ensure that they are well equipped to transition to the next phase of their business life – growing, acquiring or divesting. Michel began his career with a major chartered bank in Toronto, then moving to Hamilton, Windsor and finally to Ottawa. He became a branch manager at age 26 and focused on commercial lending. He was also a bank auditor and traveled across the country.

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