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CFM Financial deals with a vast network of investors including private companies, private equity funds, venture capital funds, hedge funds, pension funds, business angels, financial institutions, chartered banks, governments as well as other lenders and specialized funds.

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Michel and Sébastien of CFM Financial assisted with the restructuring and the eventual sale of our company. Their skillful management of the process and comprehensive recommendations helped us stabilize our cash flow and restructure some of our business processes. We were very satisfied with their work, supportive advice, and the valuable business contacts they shared. Michel and Sebastien’s combined strengths complement each other to produce an efficient and effective team. We appreciated their depth of knowledge and the personal touch they applied throughout the process.Their professional approach, combined with frequent communications, provided peace of mind and helped facilitate our staff’s transition to the new ownership team.
Manon F. & Frank H


CFM Financial helps you get funding to complete your purchase, restructuring, expansion, recapitalization or share liquidation.

We determine the capital structure best suited to your needs, establish a focused business plan and negotiate the best terms for you.

Conventional & Unconventional Lending

We can help you transact with conventional lending institutions such as chartered banks, pension funds, insurance companies, etc., along with non-conventional, institutional or private sources offering second mortgages, equity loans or mezzanine loans.

We have completed several financing projects that have facilitated acquisitions of commercial properties or refinanced existing loans.

The principals have generated business research opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors and funds looking for specific investment opportunities, we help them find, analyse and evaluate target companies, minimizing costs and investment risks.

CMHC Insured Loans

We are active with CMHC insured loans. Our relationship with multi-residential underwriters allows us to offer competitive loans to our customers.

CFM Financial can help with the following financing options

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